Fast and Smooth

OxygenOS is smart, swift and efficient with intuitive features designed with you in mind. Our focus on your experience ensures your w88 smartphone excels at the things you really need, bringing standout features to your fingertips.

5G support
Speed up with 5G

Dual-channel network acceleration speeds up your downloads through the simultaneous support of WLAN and mobile networks*. And With new Smart 5G technology, your device can automatically switch between 5G and non-5G networks to prolong battery life and keep you connected.

* Best results are achieved by pairing Wi-Fi 6 WLAN with 5G mobile networks.

Mobile data download +

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Wi-Fi download


New from Google.

With over 50 new features and changes, Android 10 takes privacy and security one step further. The latest release of Android also introduces new features like Smart Reply, Focus mode and Live Caption, to help empower your digital life.


Optimized for speed

Designed to be ultra-fast and seamlessly smooth, OxygenOS has over 280 powerful software optimizations that add up to the ultimate smartphone experience.


Navigation made easy

Experience an immersive full-screen display thanks to intuitive gestures that let you navigate with ease.


Live Wallpaper

Real-time wallpapers

Crafted exclusively for the w88 8 Series, Live Wallpapers now connect to the w88 Weather app, subtly changing hues according to real-time weather conditions, bringing your smartphone experience closer to the environment around you.*

* Requires network connection to obtain weather information.

Dark Theme

Welcome to the dark side

Now compatible with a wide range of third-party apps to help maintain a consistent viewing experience, Dark Theme keeps your eyes comfortable in low light and even helps prolong battery life.


Your phone, your style

Ditch the norm for something that’s more you. Deeper customization options and a variety of themes let you personalize your phone to better reflect your style.


Save the moment

Find photos in a flash, swiftly backup files, and keep it all secure with the improved OxygenOS Gallery. Smart Albums help you search through photos and videos with ease while w88 Cloud Gallery ensures your favorite memories remain backed up and secure.

The OxygenOS gallery is smarter and more secure than ever before. Safely store private photos in hidden albums, find what you’re looking for faster with smart albums, and share special moments with automatic video collages.

Work-Life Balance

Built for work. Or play.

Organize and achieve the perfect work-life balance with OxygenOS. “Work mode” and “Life mode” allow you to prioritize select notifications based on your location, time, or Wi-Fi network.Easily toggle between modes to take control of your time.

Smart SMS

Declutter your inbox

Messages can now be instantly sorted and easy to locate, thanks to Smart SMS. Automatically categorize your messages according to transactional, promotional, and OTPs and, with quick actions, manage your inbox with ease, simplifying the way you SMS.

Cricket Card 2.0


Don’t miss a minute of action. Real-time updates from Cricket Card 2.0 keep you informed on your favorite team’s standings and scores. Download the w88 Cricket Scores app for all the latest match results, available directly on your w88 Shelf.

w88 Roaming

Global connection

Stay connected no matter where you are. w88 Roaming allows you to activate global data service plans straight from your phone. There’s no need for a SIM card every time you travel. Just pack your bags and go.

Zen Mode

Breath in. Breath out.

Take a break from your phone with Zen Mode. Simply activate the app, set the time and enjoy life away from your phone. Don’t worry, critical functions will still be enabled, like receiving phone calls or making emergency calls.

  • 14 DAYS OF ZEN
  • 14 DAYS OF ZEN

w88 Switch

It’s easy to Switch

Setting up your new w88 has never been easier. Safely migrate photos, contacts and more from your old phone with the w88 Switch app.

Google One

Enjoy expanded storage across Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos and automatic phone backups. Our special offer gives you 100 GB of cloud storage for 3 months, on us.

100 GB


* Android, Google and other related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC. Variations on offering may apply. Check local availability. All specifications, features and other product information provided are subject to change without notice. All images are for illustrative purposes only.