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Become a member of the referral program to earn points and accessory vouchers.
You'll get up to 100 points for every successful referral. People you share your link with will receive a voucher.

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It’s easy to refer friends

Step 1
Verify your w88 purchase or purchase a new w88 product to generate your referral link.
Step 2
People you share your link with will receive a voucher to spend on accessories and gear when they purchase a w88 device or accessories.
Step 3
You will receive points to spend on w88 gear, accessories, and vouchers.
Step 4
Spend your points on w88 products, gear, and accessories!




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Monthly Leaderboard

Refer your friends to climb the leaderboards and win prizes.
The top 10 referrers win exclusive prizes.

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Earn {{item.totlePoint}} Points
Earn {{item.totlePoint}} Points
Earn {{item.totlePoint}} Points
Top 1 - 2

Bullets Wireless

Top 3 - 5

Fast Charger Car Charger

Top 6 - 10

w88 Bullets (V2)


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Rules & Prize Selection
- Our monthly leaderboard starts from the first day of each month and will end on the last day of that same month. The prize will be sent via coupons posted directly to your account on the third day of next month.
- Your rank is determined by the number of device orders placed through your referral link.
- Please note that if your friends cancel their orders, your score on the leaderboard will be adjusted.
- Your rank will update once your friends have successfully placed an order using your referral code. Refer now!
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